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Pat’s Big Mistake

Pat’s Big


I had this great idea of bidding on an Antique car at the Dallas Mecum
Auction as an on-line bidder. I just recently learned how to email and
click links so this may not have been the best idea in the world. Well,
this is how my great encounter turned out!!!
I was searching for something I could drive for a while and maybe sell
or pass on to my son, and get something for a reasonable price. First
and foremost, I am a dope, I bid on a Chevelle and the price went way
up and out of my league. Next up was the Big, Black Grand Prix with an
$8,000 paint job and not an $8,000 price tag. So, I click 3 times ignoring
the 15 to 20 second delay that was clearly explained in the “no way out
clause” on the contract I signed to bid on-line, along with the suggestion
of first time bidders having someone on the floor, (oops another thing I
didn’t do), and THEN as I watched on TV the bidding stopped. I turn to
my son Connor and asked “Why did they suddenly stop?” My computer
lights up with “CONGRATULATIONS, You’re the winner!”
Oh crap, my wife is going to kill me! My three day weekend is ruined
and what to do as the phone rings, so I dove for it (which I think I have
not answered once since we lived here). I ran outside and told the
auctioneer I made a mistake and he said I’d have to pay $325 to put
it back on the floor. Great, the last car out on the last day, my day is
getting better, HA! It never got any better, I owned it, had to ship it from
Dallas, purchase a trailer to store it in, and then had it worked on when it
arrived. My kind and understanding wife, who wanted to kill me, decided
to turn this into something positive.
We decided to raffle off the car and Pay It Forward by donating all
profits to Sandra’s Way and the Magical Moon Foundation. Sandra
is a Pembroke resident fighting cancer for the third time and seeking
alternate treatments which requires many out of pocket expenses.
She has been a woman to always give back and if we can help her
family through this trying time, we will all feel better. The Magical
Moon Foundation is located in Marshfield and my children do volunteer
work there and Donna Greene has made this environment the most
amazing get-away retreat for children with cancer to be inducted into
her Knighthood and conquer this disease.
PLEASE help make this raffle happen and purchase a raffle ticket. We
are only selling 325 tickets max at $100 a ticket. To make this event
come true, September 9th at the Alumni Sports Café in Pembroke, we
must sell at least 300 tickets!